Playzee online casino review

Playzee is a brand new online casino where you can play gambling games. Since most of the other casinos are no more than “skins” of one another, there is a question here. And the question is “Does Playzee have anything new and unique to offer?” Read the article below and find out. Playzee works great for the British market and offers a fun and adventurous online casino in 2021. A website where you’d like to play for a long time. If you are interested in other, physical, casino adventures, have a look at which lists some really good ones for 2021.

Theme and atmosphere

We really can’t say that Playzee has invested a lot into developing a great atmosphere for the players. There is a green background once you enter the website. And there is a cartoonish old scientist of sorts. He has a big, beaming smile and he holds two vials in his hands – one red and one green. Various prizes come out of these two vials. Other than the scientist, there are no other discernible characters that we could find on the website. So, the theme is not really worked out all that well. But the scientist does have a charm of sorts.

playzee casino review 2021

Games and Playzee

Now, what about the games? Show me a great online casino and I’ll show you where the great games are. To that end, you can play a variety of different games at Playzee. Among them are slots and table games. You can also play video poker. And above all else, you can also visit the live casino part of the platform. Herein you can play with the assistance of the helpful and kind croupiers. So, Playzee has made a platform with some great games. And of course, the biggest count of games that you can find are in the slots field. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any games in the other categories, too. On the contrary – there are various versions of the most popular table games. Just go and visit the website and you will be able to see all the games that you can play here.


This is where the scientist comes into play. He claims that he has the perfect formula for the bonuses that the players can enjoy. So, what can you get in terms of bonuses here? You can get up to 1,500 EUR if you play out your deposits right. Aside from that, you can also get 150 free spins and 500 points. All of these things will help you have a blast at Playzee casino – and perhaps they will even help you even win some free money.

In conclusion

Playzee is a great online casino. Be sure to check it out for yourself and see what it’s about. We can all but guarantee that you will enjoy your stay here.

Free Spins News March 2020 – New Casinos / COVID 19 and more!

news march 2020 captain spins casushiWe have taken some steps into the year 2020 and would like to have a look at what we have seen so far. The year has no doubt so far being highly characterized by the Corona Virus, Covid 19, and at the time of writing, we still haven’t seen what it will end up into. This takes a big toll on everything around the globe, also online casinos of course. The brands that also offer a betting platform loses a lot, to say the least.

Today, most games are being shut down which means there is nothing to gamble at. At the same time, this might be a bit positive for the pure online casinos, only offering slots. As many people around the globe are being quarantined at the moment, a lot of time is spent in front of the computer. We see a great increase in the stocks of computer game providers and such. And, at the same time, people playing more casino games too.

New casinos 2020 so far

If you are looking for any new online casinos this year, we will give you a quick and easy guide. Of course, it’s only casinos offering free spins that we at want to recommend!

Captain Spins Casino – From the creators of Johnny Jackpot, Captain Spins casino is a really good looking brand with a theme of a superhero. Many different promotions and the welcome bonus consists of a deposit bonus of £300 as well as 60 bonus spins. This is clearly a brand to check out.

Casushi Casino – Another online casino that really has set a mark on 2020 so far is Casushi. Yes, you heard right. With a sushi-themed website, you will meet the Sushi Chef Cat that helps you on your way. £50 and 50 Free Spins in welcome bonus. And, many other promotions are waiting too!

We really hope there will be better news soon regarding the coronavirus. So far, it just becomes worse and worse and many countries are closing down totally. Really bad for the economy and the mental health of people. We think it’s really sad that all games of sports are closing down, which means neither the players nor the supporters have anything to do. At you can keep up-to-date with the latest news regarding football in general and how COVID-19 affects it in particular.

New Free Spins 2020

New Free Spins 2020 is all you need when starting to play at an online casino. Many online casinos use it today even though these features are currently difficult to find in the UK. For a lot of gamblers whether serious or just fun inclined, no one wants to lose so much money and get nothing in return. Essentially, the whole essence of gambling is to make money and have fun while doing have the chance of being a profitable passion.

Granted but not conceding that there will be a fair share of loses, the gains should however be prominent. It does not always be a monetary gain. If you really enjoy playing it is ok to lose a little. The most important is to have fun and never lose more than you initially planned to. When looking to gamble, whether as a newbie or a regular player, it is pertinent to look out for legit gambling sites and casinos so as not to get caught up in the middle. You would need to make sure you’re not falling into the hands of online fraudsters that can defraud you using your details. One way to start playing for free is to use free spins in 2020 for UK players.

More information about Free Spins No Deposit 2020 UK

Year in and out, we are looking for the best free spins. The ones we get most happy to find is the free spins no deposit 2020 UK, they are really the best. We tell you what free spins that are currently trending or the best free spins that you can play and what casinos have the best. So it is safe to say that we are the best resource for free spins with no deposit required? We have all the information you need to gamble safely if there’s any such thing. You can find all the information on this website by yourself by checking other websites. The big plus with our website is that we have compiled all the different options into one platform so you can easily compare and choose the best free spins for you.

More about Free Spins Now 2020

In most of the blog posts on this site, we write about different free spins offers at different casinos. We hope that you enjoy our effort in doing that. This post is specialised into finding the best free spins in 2020. Visit us on a regular basis to get up to date information about free spins in the UK.more about free spins now 2020

cashmo casino bonus promotions

New kind of promotions at new UK casino: Cashmo!

Hi and welcome to As you know, we want to give the latest news about the casino market in the United Kingdom. Very recently, a new online casino was launched, Cashmo casino. And with a lot of new exciting bonus offers. This is what we have been waiting for in 2019, and something we are sure to see more of during the year. This is one of the best ways for a gambling site to stand out, and this site really has outdone themselves. We first found out about this new brand reading this Cashmo casino review and thought that it might be a good idea to tell our readers about it as well. So please continue reading about a new interesting online casino with even more interesting bonuses!

What new bonus offers Cashmo casino has

The thing about this website, found at, is not an extremely unique look. It looks fine, sure, but it is nothing special. However, this UK gambling site tries to stand out by offering its players a lot of new and unique promotions. Or what do you say about a Social Media Tournament? By joining the Facebook group of this casino, you will be able to partake in unique tournaments every week. Something we haven’t heard about before. Another nice thing is the Game of the Month Bonus. Every month, a specific slot game is chosen for you to play at with a nice deposit bonus. And,on top of this, there is a big welcome deposit bonus waiting for you. And of course, some free spins come with that. Last, but maybe not least, a refer a friend bonus is something you should look into. If you can refer a friend you will get a nice deposit bonus.

So, we think this really might be a nice brand to check out this month. Go to Cashmo casino today and have a look for yourself!