Free Spins News March 2020 – New Casinos / COVID 19 and more!

news march 2020 captain spins casushiWe have taken some steps into the year 2020 and would like to have a look at what we have seen so far. The year has no doubt so far being highly characterized by the Corona Virus, Covid 19, and at the time of writing, we still haven’t seen what it will end up into. This takes a big toll on everything around the globe, also online casinos of course. The brands that also offer a betting platform loses a lot, to say the least.

Today, most games are being shut down which means there is nothing to gamble at. At the same time, this might be a bit positive for the pure online casinos, only offering slots. As many people around the globe are being quarantined at the moment, a lot of time is spent in front of the computer. We see a great increase in the stocks of computer game providers and such. And, at the same time, people playing more casino games too.

New casinos 2020 so far

If you are looking for any new online casinos this year, we will give you a quick and easy guide. Of course, it’s only casinos offering free spins that we at want to recommend!

Captain Spins Casino – From the creators of Johnny Jackpot, Captain Spins casino is a really good looking brand with a theme of a superhero. Many different promotions and the welcome bonus consists of a deposit bonus of £300 as well as 60 bonus spins. This is clearly a brand to check out.

Casushi Casino – Another online casino that really has set a mark on 2020 so far is Casushi. Yes, you heard right. With a sushi-themed website, you will meet the Sushi Chef Cat that helps you on your way. £50 and 50 Free Spins in welcome bonus. And, many other promotions are waiting too!

We really hope there will be better news soon regarding the coronavirus. So far, it just becomes worse and worse and many countries are closing down totally. Really bad for the economy and the mental health of people. We think it’s really sad that all games of sports are closing down, which means neither the players nor the supporters have anything to do. At you can keep up-to-date with the latest news regarding football in general and how COVID-19 affects it in particular.

New Free Spins 2020

New Free Spins 2020 is all you need when starting to play at an online casino. Many online casinos use it today even though these features are currently difficult to find in the UK. For a lot of gamblers whether serious or just fun inclined, no one wants to lose so much money and get nothing in return. Essentially, the whole essence of gambling is to make money and have fun while doing have the chance of being a profitable passion.

Granted but not conceding that there will be a fair share of loses, the gains should however be prominent. It does not always be a monetary gain. If you really enjoy playing it is ok to lose a little. The most important is to have fun and never lose more than you initially planned to. When looking to gamble, whether as a newbie or a regular player, it is pertinent to look out for legit gambling sites and casinos so as not to get caught up in the middle. You would need to make sure you’re not falling into the hands of online fraudsters that can defraud you using your details. One way to start playing for free is to use free spins in 2020 for UK players.

More information about Free Spins No Deposit 2020 UK

Year in and out, we are looking for the best free spins. The ones we get most happy to find is the free spins no deposit 2020 UK, they are really the best. We tell you what free spins that are currently trending or the best free spins that you can play and what casinos have the best. So it is safe to say that we are the best resource for free spins with no deposit required? We have all the information you need to gamble safely if there’s any such thing. You can find all the information on this website by yourself by checking other websites. The big plus with our website is that we have compiled all the different options into one platform so you can easily compare and choose the best free spins for you.

More about Free Spins Now 2020

In most of the blog posts on this site, we write about different free spins offers at different casinos. We hope that you enjoy our effort in doing that. This post is specialised into finding the best free spins in 2020. Visit us on a regular basis to get up to date information about free spins in the UK.more about free spins now 2020

happy halloween free spins now

Happy Halloween from FreeSpinsNow!

Hi and welcome to!

We want to wish you all a Happy Halloween and hope that your tricks and treats get you a lot of goodies this year. For sure have casinos in the UK also prepared well for this occasion. You will be able to see a lot of unique promotions for the next couple of days as well as many new slot games on the Halloween theme. We are going to mention some of our favourites here today and hopefully, you want to try some of them out. We know that you want to also spend time with your family. That’s why we will only give you a couple of options…

The best Halloween slot game this year

Never before have so many different game developers focused on producing a new and hot Halloween slot. One of our absolute favourites is the Halloween Jack from NetEnt. This is a dark game that gets you the exact scary feeling you want on this holiday. Meet Jack, his crows and a deserted graveyard. As always when it comes to NetEnts’ games – great graphics and nice sound effects. We haven’t been able to have a look at the RTP for this game, but since it is NetEnt, above 95% is our guess.

New Betzest casino gives you free spins for this holiday

Betzest casino has a really special time for their first year being able to celebrate the Halloweens festivities with its players. Every day for the week, you can play at different NetEnt slots and get free spins on them. Magic Portals, Dracula and Dead or Alive are just some of the slot games that you can get a nice little extra treat on. Read more at the Betzest casino site promotions to learn all about this.

That is it for now. We really which you happy holidays. Always remember to come back and visit us for the latest free spins news.

rockstar reels casino

Rockstar Reels – New UK online Casino on its way!

Hello! We would like to be among the first to tell you about some news within the online casino industry; Rockstar Reels casino. This autumn, you will find this cool looking casino at For now, we have only seen some bits and pieces of what this new brand will give us. But that’s something that we want to tell you about as well. And yes, there will be free spins. Wager free spins actually. New players get 50 of them as their launching offer – along with a big and nice deposit bonus. As we have mentioned, this site is all about giving you the best casino news when it comes to free spins. And we really think that Rockstar Reels is one of these. We got all the information about this new brand from New Casino Star by reading their Rockstar Reels casino review.

What Rockstar Reels casino is all about

Only the logo, showed above, indicated that this casino wants to stand out among their competitors. A bit dirty and with nice colours, we right away get the feeling of a rock-themed website. And when it will be launched, in October 2018, we are expecting a big bang! It will have licenses in the United Kingdom and Malta, which makes it possible to play in a lot of different countries, even though the UK is the most important one for us. As most of the newly launched casinos, it will be possible to play from both your mobile device and on your laptop. Since we haven’t been able to try it out so far, the looks are hard to say too much about. But we expect a darker grey background with the logos turquoise- and apricot colours contrasting.

Rockstar Reels – Slot Games & VIP Club

This is something that we actually do know something about. The variety of games is huge. Especially when it comes to slots. Some of the gaming providers that Rockstar Reels casino has chosen to work with are NetEnt, ELK, Rabcat, NextGen and Microgaming. We are promised to see even more once the site is live. Something tells us that we will also be able to see great filtering options and categories among the games.

Except for the welcome bonus, already mentioned on top of this page, you will find a VIP Club. This hands out cash back as well as reload bonuses and other VIP offerings. Make sure to sign up for the VIP Programme straight away once it’s live. We think that we will play here for a long time, and so will hopefully you do as well. Now, we can’t wait for October to come, so we can have a first glance at the new Rockstar Reels casino!

4 different shades of spins

4 different shades of Spins

Free Spins is something we all have heard about, at least if you are an online casino player. This is the word we all look for, searching for new casinos and bonus offers. However, for the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of new similar names. Bonus Spins, Mega Spins and many more. This article is written to let you figure out the difference between these spins. Are there even any? Some names are actually just the exact same, but for different reasons, some brands have chosen to change the name for it. It can be because of legal reasons or just to market something unique to the online casino players worldwide. This article is for you to learn more about the 4 different shades of Spins.

Bonus Spins

This is one of the most common names for free spins. Bonus Spins is actually the exact same thing and was started due to new regulations, mostly in the UK. Since “Free Spins” might give you the same idea, though they sometimes come only with a deposit, the gaming authority thought that the word “free” was misleading for the player. Hence this, many brands in the UK have chosen to change to bonus spins.

Extra Spins

To make it easy, Extra Spins has the exact same story as bonus spins. Why hasn’t everyone chosen to with bonus spins then, one could ask. We believe this is only a matter of branding. To try to attract more players, a few brands have tried to use another term. There might be even more of these ones that we don’t even know about, but Bonus and Extra seem to be the two most common ones.

Mega Spins

This is something different though. When more or less every casino started to offer their players free spins at sign-up and/or with other bonuses, some brands wanted to give even more. Mega Spins are worth much more and every single spin can give you great winnings. A spin, in general, is worth the minimum amount at a slot machine. A Mega Spins is worth much more than this, often up to ten times more. And, the bigger the bet, the bigger win – easy as that!

Monster Spin

A Monster Spin is the same as a Mega Spin. Just like the differences between Bonus and Extra, mentioned above, some brands wanted to stick out with a new, fun, name. Monster spin was therefore invented. And surely there are more similar ones with other, maybe even more fun, names.

free spins

Free Spins 2018

Free Spins Galore

Our favourite thing about an online casino is free spins and free instant online slots. Upon sign up to our online casino, live casino, or new casino in 2018 you can choose your favourite game, or one you fancy playing, for free to start off with. The benefit of doing so is that you can find the game you can master before deciding to wager real money and win real money through an online casino. As you discover more of the online casino world in 2018 you’ll notice many offers for new casinos. Once you’ve logged into your online casino account you’ll be credited with bonus; this then gives you the freedom to access your favourite spins for free until your credits run out – use this time wisely to discover your favourite free spins and assess how good you can play on the online casino when you decide to wager real money. Free spins 2018 are a great way to introduce you to the spin reels, practice your hand and become the master of the spins!

If you’re new to free spins it may be tempting to dive straight in and wager all of your spins, however, be mindful that there is a term called wagering requirements. So, before claiming your free spins, check out the bonus’s wagering requirements to see how many times you’ll need to play your free spins before being allowed to withdraw all of your winnings. Another term you may come across is coin value; coin value determines how much the coin your playing is worth, so some 2018 free spins may be of a low coin value meaning that it will be harder to win big. However, as we’ve said, it’s a great introduction to the spin reels and you’ll likely find with a bit of practice you can start to win big with real money.

Free Spins or Free Slots

The next burning question about the online casino market in 2018 is whether you play free spins and free slots with a casino bonus or not. It’s entirely up to you whether you play with or without casino bonuses; if you like the flexibility of being able to sign up to your favourite online casino, place your bets, and cash in your wins without restrictions, that’s great. However, you may be missing out on some extra casino bonuses to make your 2018 online casino experience even better! Playing with a casino bonus means you have extra cash to play with. It may sound a little surprising, but some online casinos now offer free spins with no wagering requirements – how cool is that? With the freedom of no conditions to fulfill, you can continue playing using the bags of cash you’ve won with your casino bonus and free spins, or withdraw your winnings – that’s the great thing about online casinos in 2018. So even if you’re a little apprehensive about using a casino bonus, you can take advantage of the great deals that are on offer, and make your way into being a master live casino player. When you first step into the world of online casino in the UK it may be a little confusing faced with many offers and casino bonuses. What do you do with them, how do I use them, do they actually work? As we’ve discussed before, keeping an eye on the wagering requirements for casino bonuses is the first thing you should do; ensure that you know the real cost and value of your casino bonus. An example of a wagering requirement may help some newcomers get to grips with what it’s all about. If a wagering requirement for your casino bonus is 25x this means you need to wager your bonus 25 times at an online casino before you can cash out on your winnings. It may seem complicated at first, but once you understand how much you’re wagering and how much you can withdraw, you’ll be able to assess how to use your casino bonus most effectively.