Guide to Free Spins

Guide to Free Spins is something that all we players should consider to read very carefully. Free spins are a very good thing for you who are uncertain of what to play. If you do not really know if a new slot game is for you, then free spins are a perfect way to find out (see a list of popular free spins slots 2020 here). Also, if you are new to an online casino, and want to test how the graphics flow and how the general feeling of a slot machine is, yes, then free spins are really good to try out. Remember, free is always good!

At we love the free spins we get, either as loyal customers or when signing up to new casinos. There are some aspects of free spins that all players should be aware of but continue reading and we will guide you on how to maximize your free spins. In this guide to free spins, we will mention certain aspects that you should know and consider when playing for free.

online casino free spins

What are free spins?

A free spin means that you can play for free by spinning the wheels of an online slot machine. When playing slots, it is usually that you pay or bet a certain amount for each spin, i.e. when the wheels are spinning. So, a free spin is basically that you get to play for free at an online casino.

When playing slots, you can have a high burn rate of money if you don’t win when playing. It is a fast-paced way of playing. Luckily the RTP (return to player) on modern slots is really high. Often over 95% of the wagered amount is paid back to the player. But free spins are good to limit the money you spend on the casino as that is free money straight into your account. The money can flow away quickly when you spin if you do not have the luck of winning, so spinning for free can be really beneficial for those who cannot get enough spinning on the slots!

Casinos are giving away free spins

Sometimes the casinos are nice enough to hand out free spins to players, for example, to welcome new players or to bring back players who have not played for a while. The festive seasons over the year is normally a very good time to check online casinos for free spins. Free spins can, for example, happen in conjunction with festivals such as New Year, Christmas and Easter, as many players like to celebrate such holidays by playing online casino free spins. Sometimes the free spins are linked to a particular slot, sometimes you get spins that you can spend on which games you want.

Special spins mode

In some slot games, there is a special game mode where all spin is free, but the winnings are paid out to the player. The special features of the slot machines are often the most fun part to play. Then you come right into bonus rounds and the special features. You should always keep an eye out for free spins that take you straight to the bonus mode. Not only is it more fun to play, it also pays a lot more than the normal mode of the slot.

When you get this type of freespins, usually the game changes its appearance and that the music becomes a bit higher and faster, to increase the tension and your attention. The winnings are also different in the special free spins mode, and a combination that gives ten times the bet in normal mode can give over 30 times the bet in the special mode.