4 different shades of spins

4 different shades of Spins

Free Spins is something we all have heard about, at least if you are an online casino player. This is the word we all look for, searching for new casinos and bonus offers. However, for the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of new similar names. Bonus Spins, Mega Spins and many more. This article is written to let you figure out the difference between these spins. Are there even any? Some names are actually just the exact same, but for different reasons, some brands have chosen to change the name for it. It can be because of legal reasons or just to market something unique to the online casino players worldwide. This article is for you to learn more about the 4 different shades of Spins.

Bonus Spins

This is one of the most common names for free spins. Bonus Spins is actually the exact same thing and was started due to new regulations, mostly in the UK. Since “Free Spins” might give you the same idea, though they sometimes┬ácome only with a deposit, the gaming authority thought that the word “free” was misleading for the player. Hence this, many brands in the UK have chosen to change to bonus spins.

Extra Spins

To make it easy, Extra Spins has the exact same story as bonus spins. Why hasn’t everyone chosen to with bonus spins then, one could ask. We believe this is only a matter of branding. To try to attract more players, a few brands have tried to use another term. There might be even more of these ones that we don’t even know about, but Bonus and Extra seem to be the two most common ones.

Mega Spins

This is something different though. When more or less every casino started to offer their players free spins at sign-up and/or with other bonuses, some brands wanted to give even more. Mega Spins are worth much more and every single spin can give you great winnings. A spin, in general, is worth the minimum amount at a slot machine. A Mega Spins is worth much more than this, often up to ten times more. And, the bigger the bet, the bigger win – easy as that!

Monster Spin

A Monster Spin is the same as a Mega Spin. Just like the differences between Bonus and Extra, mentioned above, some brands wanted to stick out with a new, fun, name. Monster spin was therefore invented. And surely there are more similar ones with other, maybe even more fun, names.