Playzee online casino review

Playzee is a brand new online casino where you can play gambling games. Since most of the other casinos are no more than “skins” of one another, there is a question here. And the question is “Does Playzee have anything new and unique to offer?” Read the article below and find out. Playzee works great for the British market and offers a fun and adventurous online casino in 2021. A website where you’d like to play for a long time. If you are interested in other, physical, casino adventures, have a look at which lists some really good ones for 2021.

Theme and atmosphere

We really can’t say that Playzee has invested a lot into developing a great atmosphere for the players. There is a green background once you enter the website. And there is a cartoonish old scientist of sorts. He has a big, beaming smile and he holds two vials in his hands – one red and one green. Various prizes come out of these two vials. Other than the scientist, there are no other discernible characters that we could find on the website. So, the theme is not really worked out all that well. But the scientist does have a charm of sorts.

playzee casino review 2021

Games and Playzee

Now, what about the games? Show me a great online casino and I’ll show you where the great games are. To that end, you can play a variety of different games at Playzee. Among them are slots and table games. You can also play video poker. And above all else, you can also visit the live casino part of the platform. Herein you can play with the assistance of the helpful and kind croupiers. So, Playzee has made a platform with some great games. And of course, the biggest count of games that you can find are in the slots field. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any games in the other categories, too. On the contrary – there are various versions of the most popular table games. Just go and visit the website and you will be able to see all the games that you can play here.


This is where the scientist comes into play. He claims that he has the perfect formula for the bonuses that the players can enjoy. So, what can you get in terms of bonuses here? You can get up to 1,500 EUR if you play out your deposits right. Aside from that, you can also get 150 free spins and 500 points. All of these things will help you have a blast at Playzee casino – and perhaps they will even help you even win some free money.

In conclusion

Playzee is a great online casino. Be sure to check it out for yourself and see what it’s about. We can all but guarantee that you will enjoy your stay here.

Race Casino – A fast online casino for Winners

With hundreds of games, Race Casino is a comprehensive online casino where players can find top quality games and a customer service department that cares for each player equally. Its sleek style of neon colors set against a pitch-black backdrop lures players in with its seductive layout. For those who seek the best online casino experience possible, RaceCasino is the place to be. This casino is licensed in the UK, Sweden and Malta. This makes it possible to play in most countries all over the world. Are you looking for even more online casinos to play from different markets, the casino comparison site Cazinova brings you all online casinos and you can easily check out bonuses, information and much more. At Race Casino, players never have any difficulty finding a game to get started with.

The Race Casino Bonus

The welcome package offered to new players includes a cash bonus on not only the first deposit a new player makes, but the next four as well. Players are required to use the money they deposited before they can use the bonus money given to them by the casino.

race casino

In addition to getting a cash bonus for the first deposit, new players also get a generous amount of loyalty points as well. They then have the option of continuing to earn loyalty points to enjoy even more benefits.

Free Spins

Aside from the bonus money and loyalty points, new players also get free spins as a thank you for making their first deposit. The casino sets the number of free spins players get and chooses a game for them to use those spins on.

Casino Games at

The games players have to choose from at Race Casino include slot, progressive, table, video poker, Keno and scratch card games. Examples of slot machines offered include Jack in the Box, 888 Gold and the Epic Journey. The large selection of progressive slots offered includes Neon Reels, Joker Poker and Super Lady Luck.

Those looking for video poker games will be pleased with the casino’s selection. It includes Poker Pursuit, Three Hit Pay and Texas Hold Em Joker Poker. These games can be played for free by using the demo mode.

Players that prefer table games can choose from several variations of Blackjack, Roulette and Poker, as well as Craps. These games can be accessed without players needing to sign into their casino account, since the games are automated. However, in the live casino section this is not possible. It is necessary to be logged into a Race Casino account in order to access the live dealer games of Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Texas and Casino Hold Em Pokers.

While the Race Casino can be viewed on any desktop computer, it is also mobile-friendly. Hundreds of the casino’s games can be accessed on Apple and Android devices, as well as Blackberries. Those who register for a casino account and play the games using their mobile device gain special access to exclusive bonuses not offered to those who only play on their desktop computer.

Customer Support/Payments/Service

Anytime a player has a question or concern about the casino, they can contact customer support. There are several phone numbers that players can call, as customer support is available in multiple languages. They can also choose to send an email or initiate a live chat with a casino representative. However, players also have the option of contacting customer support using Skype and Whats App.
When it is time for players to make deposits into their account they can do so using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller, Paysafecard and Skrill. Deposits are always secure and players usually have immediate access to their money.

Many players agree that the best service the casino offers is its Win/Win Loyalty Program. The tiers that make up the program, from lowest to highest, are blue, bronze, silver, gold and diamond. As soon as new players make their first deposit they begin at the blue level. Player activity is then monitored every month to determine their ranking in the program. In order to move from blue to bronze, players must accumulate 7,500 loyalty points within one calendar month. At the bronze and silver levels, players earn monthly bonuses. When they reach the tiers of gold and diamond, players can accumulate loyalty points at a faster rate than others.

Each type of game earns players a certain number of loyalty points. Slot machines payout loyalty points at the lowest rate, while video poker and Blackjack games payout points at the highest rate.


Designed to go the distance, Race Casino is packed full of everything online gamblers want the most. Its broad selection of exciting games combined with its generous bonuses and loyalty program makes it an excellent choice for players who want a high-quality casino experience without having to leave home.

In a competitive industry, RaceCasino has made its mark among players. It is well established as a trustworthy online casino from the legendary L&L Europe Ltd developer, that strives to encourage new players to join. The casino’s business model is appealing to players because it shows them that winning is something that they can achieve quickly.

Free Spins News March 2020 – New Casinos / COVID 19 and more!

news march 2020 captain spins casushiWe have taken some steps into the year 2020 and would like to have a look at what we have seen so far. The year has no doubt so far being highly characterized by the Corona Virus, Covid 19, and at the time of writing, we still haven’t seen what it will end up into. This takes a big toll on everything around the globe, also online casinos of course. The brands that also offer a betting platform loses a lot, to say the least.

Today, most games are being shut down which means there is nothing to gamble at. At the same time, this might be a bit positive for the pure online casinos, only offering slots. As many people around the globe are being quarantined at the moment, a lot of time is spent in front of the computer. We see a great increase in the stocks of computer game providers and such. And, at the same time, people playing more casino games too.

New casinos 2020 so far

If you are looking for any new online casinos this year, we will give you a quick and easy guide. Of course, it’s only casinos offering free spins that we at want to recommend!

Captain Spins Casino – From the creators of Johnny Jackpot, Captain Spins casino is a really good looking brand with a theme of a superhero. Many different promotions and the welcome bonus consists of a deposit bonus of £300 as well as 60 bonus spins. This is clearly a brand to check out.

Casushi Casino – Another online casino that really has set a mark on 2020 so far is Casushi. Yes, you heard right. With a sushi-themed website, you will meet the Sushi Chef Cat that helps you on your way. £50 and 50 Free Spins in welcome bonus. And, many other promotions are waiting too!

We really hope there will be better news soon regarding the coronavirus. So far, it just becomes worse and worse and many countries are closing down totally. Really bad for the economy and the mental health of people. We think it’s really sad that all games of sports are closing down, which means neither the players nor the supporters have anything to do. At you can keep up-to-date with the latest news regarding football in general and how COVID-19 affects it in particular.

Guide to Free Spins

Guide to Free Spins is something that all we players should consider to read very carefully. Free spins are a very good thing for you who are uncertain of what to play. If you do not really know if a new slot game is for you, then free spins are a perfect way to find out (see a list of popular free spins slots 2020 here). Also, if you are new to an online casino, and want to test how the graphics flow and how the general feeling of a slot machine is, yes, then free spins are really good to try out. Remember, free is always good!

At we love the free spins we get, either as loyal customers or when signing up to new casinos. There are some aspects of free spins that all players should be aware of but continue reading and we will guide you on how to maximize your free spins. In this guide to free spins, we will mention certain aspects that you should know and consider when playing for free.

online casino free spins

What are free spins?

A free spin means that you can play for free by spinning the wheels of an online slot machine. When playing slots, it is usually that you pay or bet a certain amount for each spin, i.e. when the wheels are spinning. So, a free spin is basically that you get to play for free at an online casino.

When playing slots, you can have a high burn rate of money if you don’t win when playing. It is a fast-paced way of playing. Luckily the RTP (return to player) on modern slots is really high. Often over 95% of the wagered amount is paid back to the player. But free spins are good to limit the money you spend on the casino as that is free money straight into your account. The money can flow away quickly when you spin if you do not have the luck of winning, so spinning for free can be really beneficial for those who cannot get enough spinning on the slots!

Casinos are giving away free spins

Sometimes the casinos are nice enough to hand out free spins to players, for example, to welcome new players or to bring back players who have not played for a while. The festive seasons over the year is normally a very good time to check online casinos for free spins. Free spins can, for example, happen in conjunction with festivals such as New Year, Christmas and Easter, as many players like to celebrate such holidays by playing online casino free spins. Sometimes the free spins are linked to a particular slot, sometimes you get spins that you can spend on which games you want.

Special spins mode

In some slot games, there is a special game mode where all spin is free, but the winnings are paid out to the player. The special features of the slot machines are often the most fun part to play. Then you come right into bonus rounds and the special features. You should always keep an eye out for free spins that take you straight to the bonus mode. Not only is it more fun to play, it also pays a lot more than the normal mode of the slot.

When you get this type of freespins, usually the game changes its appearance and that the music becomes a bit higher and faster, to increase the tension and your attention. The winnings are also different in the special free spins mode, and a combination that gives ten times the bet in normal mode can give over 30 times the bet in the special mode.

New Free Spins 2020

New Free Spins 2020 is all you need when starting to play at an online casino. Many online casinos use it today even though these features are currently difficult to find in the UK. For a lot of gamblers whether serious or just fun inclined, no one wants to lose so much money and get nothing in return. Essentially, the whole essence of gambling is to make money and have fun while doing have the chance of being a profitable passion.

Granted but not conceding that there will be a fair share of loses, the gains should however be prominent. It does not always be a monetary gain. If you really enjoy playing it is ok to lose a little. The most important is to have fun and never lose more than you initially planned to. When looking to gamble, whether as a newbie or a regular player, it is pertinent to look out for legit gambling sites and casinos so as not to get caught up in the middle. You would need to make sure you’re not falling into the hands of online fraudsters that can defraud you using your details. One way to start playing for free is to use free spins in 2020 for UK players.

More information about Free Spins No Deposit 2020 UK

Year in and out, we are looking for the best free spins. The ones we get most happy to find is the free spins no deposit 2020 UK, they are really the best. We tell you what free spins that are currently trending or the best free spins that you can play and what casinos have the best. So it is safe to say that we are the best resource for free spins with no deposit required? We have all the information you need to gamble safely if there’s any such thing. You can find all the information on this website by yourself by checking other websites. The big plus with our website is that we have compiled all the different options into one platform so you can easily compare and choose the best free spins for you.

More about Free Spins Now 2020

In most of the blog posts on this site, we write about different free spins offers at different casinos. We hope that you enjoy our effort in doing that. This post is specialised into finding the best free spins in 2020. Visit us on a regular basis to get up to date information about free spins in the UK.more about free spins now 2020

Types of Bonuses and how to Identify the Best Casino Offers

Whatever game it is you play, bonuses and offers always play an important role. This role takes on a greater impact on your game plan. Here are types of bonuses and how you can identify the best offers a casino gives.

To ascertain the best type of deal suitable for you should analyse what game you are interested in and how much you are willing to deposit for it. These are the two best factors that will help you decide what game to consider and play.

It’s advisable to cross-check the details of various offers available and always read the bonus terms and conditions. Here are some additional factors you should consider when looking a casino bonus:

  1. The Beginner Offer: Deposit offers and welcome packages: This has to be the most common type of casino bonuses usually awarded when your first deposit is made, which can vary from one operator to the other. It usually ranges from 50% – 300% in matching bonus combined with some free spins. This means you get the percentage bonuses unique to an operator that matches your exact game plan.
  2. No Deposit Casino Bonuses: Free play free spins or free money: For a new player, this offer allows you to try before you buy. This is known as a no deposit bonuses, thus a great way to try your hands on the games with no risk at all. Some operators will even give you a chance of winning real bucks while others provide free play with zero restrictions on your preferred game. If you find this bonus, it is a must to use it!
  3. Special features for certain games: Some sites try to provide what their players actually want as well as offer many choices of bonuses to meet the need of the customer’s interest. A good example is roulette and blackjack players who have no business playing slots and spins. Likewise, players who enjoy playing slot and has no interest in playing table games.
  4. Reward for existing customers: As we have seen above almost all casino operators will offer you a welcome bonus just to entice you and have you coming back, but after benefiting from this one time deal what other perks and incentives are provided for you to keep playing rather than moving to another operator to probably claim another welcome bonus. This is where promotions come in handy as operators want to keep their customers, therefore, special offers and perks are provided for existing customers. The most coming reward for existing customers is a VIP-club where you get points that can be exchanged to products or bonuses.

types of casino bonuses best offers

Type of Casino Bonuses – Conclusion

The amount of deposits is not the only consideration of what a good deal is, it also necessary to check that there are nice bonus terms and conditions and ensure you check the play game requirements and how long the offer will last for to enable you to make a suitable choice. The wagering requirements, games allowed to play with the certain bonus is other factors that you should keep in mind.

Remember, gambling is very enjoyable, however, it can be addictive, hence the reason why you must play responsibly and exercise caution while at it to get the best from casino bonus offers.

cashmo casino bonus promotions

New kind of promotions at new UK casino: Cashmo!

Hi and welcome to As you know, we want to give the latest news about the casino market in the United Kingdom. Very recently, a new online casino was launched, Cashmo casino. And with a lot of new exciting bonus offers. This is what we have been waiting for in 2019, and something we are sure to see more of during the year. This is one of the best ways for a gambling site to stand out, and this site really has outdone themselves. We first found out about this new brand reading this Cashmo casino review and thought that it might be a good idea to tell our readers about it as well. So please continue reading about a new interesting online casino with even more interesting bonuses!

What new bonus offers Cashmo casino has

The thing about this website, found at, is not an extremely unique look. It looks fine, sure, but it is nothing special. However, this UK gambling site tries to stand out by offering its players a lot of new and unique promotions. Or what do you say about a Social Media Tournament? By joining the Facebook group of this casino, you will be able to partake in unique tournaments every week. Something we haven’t heard about before. Another nice thing is the Game of the Month Bonus. Every month, a specific slot game is chosen for you to play at with a nice deposit bonus. And,on top of this, there is a big welcome deposit bonus waiting for you. And of course, some free spins come with that. Last, but maybe not least, a refer a friend bonus is something you should look into. If you can refer a friend you will get a nice deposit bonus.

So, we think this really might be a nice brand to check out this month. Go to Cashmo casino today and have a look for yourself!

mobizino casino free spins now

Mobizino Makes It Easy To Have Fun

While online casinos have become a popular form of entertainment, many players want to be able to access their favorite one on the go. As a result, the Mobizino online casino was created with busy players in mind. Its simple layout makes it easy for players to find their favorite games on their computer or their mobile device. The process of registering for an account with the casino is always quick and easy. Once players have confirmed their account they can get started taking advantage of the casino’s many bonuse and games.

In the meantime, players will notice that the layout of Mobozino makes it easy to navigate. The casino games are in a separate lobby than the Bingo games, so players looking for one or the other will quickly find what they want. In addition to being easy to find games, using various shades of blue the casino presents a warm and relaxing feel that is sure to resonate with tired, stressed out players.


The generous welcome offer extended to new players includes a cash bonus that players can use to try the games of their choice. Being able to double the money they have to gamble with is a boost to any player’s psyche.

Free Spins

In addition to bonus money, the welcome offer includes free spins. When a player makes their first deposit they are rewarded with a generous number of free spins to be used on one of the most popular slot machine games in the industry.

Casino Games

The extensive game selection includes standard and jackpot slots, table games, scratch card and other similar games, one of which is Bingo. Standard slot machine games offered include Adventure Palace, Emperor of the Sea and Ladies Nite. Some of the jackpot slots offered include Ship Wrecked, Snow Biz and Zodiac Revolution.

Players can also choose from table games such as European Blackjack, British Pontoon and standard and high limit versions of Baccarat. Card games offered include Bonus Poker, Tens or Better and High Speed Poker. There also a small handful of scratch card games offered, such as Dino World and King of the Jungle. Other games offered include Craps, Party Keno and Super Wheel. All of the casino’s games can be played for free or for real money. In order to play for real money, one must have an account with the casino and be signed into it.

The Bingo lobby of Mobizino is a whole different world where players can enter into a particular game by making a small buy-in. They can choose from 75 or 90 ball versions of Bingo. Each Bingo game has a prize pot that pays out jackpot wins to lucky players. In addition to enjoying a great game of Bingo, players can always chat with each other. There are several chat moderators, with one in each game room ensuring that players conversations remain lighthearted and fun.

Customer Support/Payments/Service

There are limited ways to reach Mobizino customer support, Players must either send them an email or fill out the contact form on the casino’s website. They will then receive a response at the email address they provided the casino with when they registered for their account. If a player does not have an account with the casino but has a question anyway, they can only send an email inquiry. Registered players signed into their account create a support ticket as soon as they fill out the form to contact customer service.

The only payment options players have available to them are Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, Trustly and wire transfers. However, these are all reliable forms of payment that players can trust when it comes to funding their casino account.

Summary of Mobizino

Though Mobizino is not the online casino with the most to offer, it is great for players who aren’t picky about the games they enjoy. The casino isn’t overly flashy and doesn’t lure players in with false promises. It is a simple online casino that was established in 2016 and now serves as a way for players to enjoy a selection of slot machine and table games. It may not have as much to offer as most other online casinos, but the games and promotions it does offer are fun for players.

Its instant play feature means that a web browser is all that is needed to access the games on a desktop computer or a mobile device. This is a good casino for new players to start with because there is nothing confusing about it or the entertainment that it offers. The bonuses are easy to understand and use and the games are simple but fun. Mobizino is a casino that few players can resist trying out for themselves.

chilli pop slot betsoft free spins now

Chilli Pop Slot

The name of Betsoft hardly needs an introduction. There are loads of reasons for this. This is a long-standing company that has made some of the finest slots to date. And one of their newest slot games goes by the name of Chilli Pop. It’s a catchy name, at that. It is filled with a lot of fun features and you really get some hot free spins as well. If you want to find the best places to get a lot of casino free spins, go to and find the best UK casinos with big spins bonuses right now. Regardless of that, what’s this game all about? You will find out all about it by reading our review below.

Chilli Pop theme

The theme is really hard to put down in words. It’s about the Mexican culture that adores chilli peppers. There are pinatas and some other plants as symbols. The music is also decidedly Mexican and it adds to the theme of the game. But we’re really not that big fans of this theme. It’s not that it’s badly executed – on the contrary. It still is charming and it features outstanding visuals. This is, after all, Betsoft that we’re talking about. And Betsoft is known for the immense quality of the thematic presentations of its games. But personally, we don’t enjoy this theme – it’s a bit too farfetched. But we still believe that many of you will end up positively loving the theme.

Chilli Pop gameplay

And what does this game offer to the players in terms of gameplay? The first thing to be aware of is the cascading feature. This is a known feature and it’s active in many of Betsoft’s games, Chilli Pop included. What this means is that the winning symbols will vanish from the screen. New symbols will come to take their place in a cascading motion. And you can string multiple wins in this way.

There is a scatter symbol, of course. With the mule symbol, you can get up to 26 free spins. The more mules you collect on a single spin, the better. During the free spins, if you get mules, then the reels will expand. And, in all cases, the odds of you stringing multiple bigger wins rise dramatically. The wild symbol of this game comes in the form of a piñata. It replaces all the other symbols but the scatter mule. And if you collect multiple piñatas then you will be rewarded with a big win. Again – the more piñatas you get, the better.

In conclusion

While it’s not Betsoft’s best game – it sure ranks high on the list of their finest games. You only need to play it for a while in order to see what it’s about. We hope you will enjoy it!

casiplay casino bonus

Get free spins bonus at Casiplay Casino today!

Hey and welcome to, the site that wants to keep you up to date with new casinos and how to get free spins. Today, we have found the new and interesting Casiplay casino. Even though it is not launched right yet, we just read a Casiplay review at that says it is going to be a really nice looking online casino with a bonus containing free spins. Not only that, it is supposed to be built on a platform that has started to become very popular among many players in the UK; Aspire Global. We want to make you aware about this new online casino already, you can be ready at the end of this year or start of 2019 to get your free spins bonus. Continue reading about what more we have learned about this interesting brand.

What Casiplay casino offers its players

Since it hasn’t been launched yet, the information regarding this website is somewhat not exact. However, from what we could learn from New Casino Offers, there are some things that are already set. The game developers at this platform are the best ones, and there are also plenty of them. Even though the number of games doesn’t seem to be huge, we like the developers and the games they produce. So, as long as Casiplay casino has chosen the right games from each and every developer, we are certain that a good time is waiting.

When it comes to promotions except for the welcome bonus, the information is pretty bad. But, different exclusive bonuses are supposed to be waiting for all the players. We suspect there are more free spins waiting, as well as maybe a cashback program. What we did learn from the website of was that a VIP club is waiting. Six different steps of loyalty are to be found, with the Prestige VIP Master Royale being the best one. As always, it is probably quite hard to reach the top ones, but we hope that every loyalty step gives some nice features.

This was all from FreeSpinsNow at the moment, we hope that you are just as interested as we are about the launch of Casiplay casino. We will be back with more news soon!

happy halloween free spins now

Happy Halloween from FreeSpinsNow!

Hi and welcome to!

We want to wish you all a Happy Halloween and hope that your tricks and treats get you a lot of goodies this year. For sure have casinos in the UK also prepared well for this occasion. You will be able to see a lot of unique promotions for the next couple of days as well as many new slot games on the Halloween theme. We are going to mention some of our favourites here today and hopefully, you want to try some of them out. We know that you want to also spend time with your family. That’s why we will only give you a couple of options…

The best Halloween slot game this year

Never before have so many different game developers focused on producing a new and hot Halloween slot. One of our absolute favourites is the Halloween Jack from NetEnt. This is a dark game that gets you the exact scary feeling you want on this holiday. Meet Jack, his crows and a deserted graveyard. As always when it comes to NetEnts’ games – great graphics and nice sound effects. We haven’t been able to have a look at the RTP for this game, but since it is NetEnt, above 95% is our guess.

New Betzest casino gives you free spins for this holiday

Betzest casino has a really special time for their first year being able to celebrate the Halloweens festivities with its players. Every day for the week, you can play at different NetEnt slots and get free spins on them. Magic Portals, Dracula and Dead or Alive are just some of the slot games that you can get a nice little extra treat on. Read more at the Betzest casino site promotions to learn all about this.

That is it for now. We really which you happy holidays. Always remember to come back and visit us for the latest free spins news.

rockstar reels casino

Rockstar Reels – New UK online Casino on its way!

Hello! We would like to be among the first to tell you about some news within the online casino industry; Rockstar Reels casino. This autumn, you will find this cool looking casino at For now, we have only seen some bits and pieces of what this new brand will give us. But that’s something that we want to tell you about as well. And yes, there will be free spins. Wager free spins actually. New players get 50 of them as their launching offer – along with a big and nice deposit bonus. As we have mentioned, this site is all about giving you the best casino news when it comes to free spins. And we really think that Rockstar Reels is one of these. We got all the information about this new brand from New Casino Star by reading their Rockstar Reels casino review.

What Rockstar Reels casino is all about

Only the logo, showed above, indicated that this casino wants to stand out among their competitors. A bit dirty and with nice colours, we right away get the feeling of a rock-themed website. And when it will be launched, in October 2018, we are expecting a big bang! It will have licenses in the United Kingdom and Malta, which makes it possible to play in a lot of different countries, even though the UK is the most important one for us. As most of the newly launched casinos, it will be possible to play from both your mobile device and on your laptop. Since we haven’t been able to try it out so far, the looks are hard to say too much about. But we expect a darker grey background with the logos turquoise- and apricot colours contrasting.

Rockstar Reels – Slot Games & VIP Club

This is something that we actually do know something about. The variety of games is huge. Especially when it comes to slots. Some of the gaming providers that Rockstar Reels casino has chosen to work with are NetEnt, ELK, Rabcat, NextGen and Microgaming. We are promised to see even more once the site is live. Something tells us that we will also be able to see great filtering options and categories among the games.

Except for the welcome bonus, already mentioned on top of this page, you will find a VIP Club. This hands out cash back as well as reload bonuses and other VIP offerings. Make sure to sign up for the VIP Programme straight away once it’s live. We think that we will play here for a long time, and so will hopefully you do as well. Now, we can’t wait for October to come, so we can have a first glance at the new Rockstar Reels casino!



PlayUk is a great casino new online casino running on Nektan platform. This safe casino lets you play on more than 100 slots. You can play games from NetEnt, Microgaming and many other famous game developers. Visit if you want to find out more about PlayUK online casino.

PlayUK Bonus

PlayUk offers their players some really great casino bonuses. Check out their site to find out what are the latest added promotions. When you have been playing at this casino for a while you will get fantastic chance to reload bonuses and get promotions.

VIP Player

There is a unique awarding system for all VIP Players. Once you become a VIP player there will be a dedicated team taking care of you to make sure you have the best gaming experience possible. To be a part of VIP just contact the customer service and they will help you with all the necessary steps.

As a new player at PlayUK, you have the chance to take part in their exciting welcome bonus. This Welcome Bonus will boost your gaming experience even more so that you can enjoy playing at PlayUk even longer.

Games selection

PlayUK has partnered-up with 20 of the biggest game suppliers out there such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Blueprint, Nektan, Nyx Gaming, NetxGen Gaming and many more. At their site, you can easily find your favourite game by sorting by the provider.

There are over 100 games in their portfolio and you will find everything in between Jackpots, Live Dealer, and  Casino Games. There is more than enough to keep players entertained for a while.

PlayUK Summary

PlayUk is a for sure showing the player that they can offer a top-notch gaming experience. Their site is a clean white and blue casino, and we find it easy to navigate through all the different games and bonuses.  They are licenced by both Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and Gibraltar Gambling Commission. There is for sure something for everyone at this casino. Go check out their Welcome Bonus for new players. Remember that you need to be 18+ to play at this casino and read terms and condition before enjoying any game or promotion. Have fun!



4 different shades of spins

4 different shades of Spins

Free Spins is something we all have heard about, at least if you are an online casino player. This is the word we all look for, searching for new casinos and bonus offers. However, for the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of new similar names. Bonus Spins, Mega Spins and many more. This article is written to let you figure out the difference between these spins. Are there even any? Some names are actually just the exact same, but for different reasons, some brands have chosen to change the name for it. It can be because of legal reasons or just to market something unique to the online casino players worldwide. This article is for you to learn more about the 4 different shades of Spins.

Bonus Spins

This is one of the most common names for free spins. Bonus Spins is actually the exact same thing and was started due to new regulations, mostly in the UK. Since “Free Spins” might give you the same idea, though they sometimes come only with a deposit, the gaming authority thought that the word “free” was misleading for the player. Hence this, many brands in the UK have chosen to change to bonus spins.

Extra Spins

To make it easy, Extra Spins has the exact same story as bonus spins. Why hasn’t everyone chosen to with bonus spins then, one could ask. We believe this is only a matter of branding. To try to attract more players, a few brands have tried to use another term. There might be even more of these ones that we don’t even know about, but Bonus and Extra seem to be the two most common ones.

Mega Spins

This is something different though. When more or less every casino started to offer their players free spins at sign-up and/or with other bonuses, some brands wanted to give even more. Mega Spins are worth much more and every single spin can give you great winnings. A spin, in general, is worth the minimum amount at a slot machine. A Mega Spins is worth much more than this, often up to ten times more. And, the bigger the bet, the bigger win – easy as that!

Monster Spin

A Monster Spin is the same as a Mega Spin. Just like the differences between Bonus and Extra, mentioned above, some brands wanted to stick out with a new, fun, name. Monster spin was therefore invented. And surely there are more similar ones with other, maybe even more fun, names.

Online Casino

Online Casino 2018

We’ve mentioned that at Free Spins Now free spins and casino bonuses are our passion when it comes to mobile casino, live casino, and online casino play, but we also want you to win big! One of the burning questions we often get asked or hear on the grapevine is when should a player withdraw their earnings? Should you withdraw when you win or is there a better time to do so? First thing’s first, you need to consider how long it will take for your withdrawal to be processed; depositing is instant, however, for your own safety and protection some withdrawal requests can take up to 5 days to process. So you’re looking to win big and withdraw for quick cash, you may not be in luck – ensure you assess your own financial situation before wagering money for the purpose of withdrawal. On the subject of big cash, if you have a significant sum of money stashed away in your online casino account you may want to consider whether you want to save it for your next play on your favourite slots, spins, and casino bonuses. When it comes to mobile casino, live casino, and online casino play, there are always more games to explore. If you want to continue playing, but don’t want to leave all your cash in your online casino account, you have the option to withdraw a specific amount. Whatever you decide, ensure that you and your money are safe – don’t leave yourself short and plan ahead. 

Concerns For Online Casino Players 

Another potential concern that online casino players may have is whether the casino bonus, free spins, or online casino they are playing on in 2018 is genuine or fake. Obviously, no one wants to get scammed, and here at Free Spins Now we want to ensure your safety is our number one priority. So, let’s take a look at the signs to look out for.  If you’re fairly familiar to playing in a live casino or online casino and are particularly used to a game you may notice something unfamiliar when you reach the loading screen. If something doesn’t look right, or something seems new, it may be a warning sign. Often is the case with fake online casino or online slots is that they present a different set of rules compared to other online casinos. If you’re familiar with a game or paytable and the ruleset looks different than you’re used to, take note as you may be encountering a counterfeit online casino game.  We understand it isn’t very clear-cut when it comes to fake online casinos, however, just be mindful, familiarizes yourself with your favourite online casino in the UK and keep safe during 2018!

Mobile Casinos

At Free Spins Now we are obviously very excited about casino bonuses, and mobile casino, so why not bring the two together?! Well, you’re in luck, as the online casino bonus market in 2018 has brought you just that. There are many types of mobile casino bonuses around for you to get your hands on. Mobile casino games and casino bonuses aren’t just for familiar or returning players; mobile casino bonuses are available for everyone which makes them even more exciting! Whether you receive an enticing welcome bonus, cash back casino bonus, or free spins, the options are endless. What’s more, you’ll even receive special casino bonuses just for playing online casino on your mobile phone or smart device. As well as casino bonuses, you’ll be able to get your hands on free spins, whether you’re just signing up or are lucky enough to encounter a fantastic promotion in 2018.

Our Goal Here At Free Spins Now

So we think we’ve made it pretty clear that here at Free Spins Now, our interests lay in your gameplay; we want you to enjoy your casino bonuses, free spins, explore the mobile casino experience, enter into a live casino and challenge real players – all of this available at an online casino. You couldn’t really ask for more, at the touch or click of a button, you’ll be able to claim fantastic promotions all year round in 2018 in the UK. We believe you’ll become an online casino master in no time! Experience your favourite games, free spins, and live tables and don’t forget to keep on the lookout for new casino bonuses. All we ask of you is to keep safe, secure, and savvy and enjoy every minute of it; we want our passion to become yours.
best casino

Best Casino

The Best Casino Online 2018

If there is one thing you need to know about finding the best online casinos, is how hard it is to find them. The best casino online, just won’t show up on google as you look for it. Instead, you will get many promotional casinos promoting their game, new games of all sort. Also, you can’t really afford to try all the games out there to assess which is the best casino online. hence, here at this website, we focus on finding the best casino online 2018 every week. Our criteria is focused on enhancing the chances of winning to the player, then we look at how fun, simple the game is. If you look at our list, we don’t really focus on how pretty is the game although we do take design into account, instead we focus on how generous are the welcome bonus, then how advantageous is the pattern of a chance for a player to make money. Only as such, we can determine the best casino online.

How To Find The Best Casino In 2018

If you look at our list of the best casino online. You will see that the top rated online casinos have one common thing – good bonus after you finish registration. That’s right, if you want to be at the top rated online casino list, you must as a new casino game provide the best bonus out there off the bat to encourage players to try your game. We then expect that if the new player does try it, more bonuses or free spins need to come to play to retain the player. Instead of the house always win. We look at the best casino online for both players and casino always win. Take a look at our list and let us know how much you won.
free spins

Free Spins 2018

Free Spins Galore

Our favourite thing about an online casino is free spins and free instant online slots. Upon sign up to our online casino, live casino, or new casino in 2018 you can choose your favourite game, or one you fancy playing, for free to start off with. The benefit of doing so is that you can find the game you can master before deciding to wager real money and win real money through an online casino. As you discover more of the online casino world in 2018 you’ll notice many offers for new casinos. Once you’ve logged into your online casino account you’ll be credited with bonus; this then gives you the freedom to access your favourite spins for free until your credits run out – use this time wisely to discover your favourite free spins and assess how good you can play on the online casino when you decide to wager real money. Free spins 2018 are a great way to introduce you to the spin reels, practice your hand and become the master of the spins!

If you’re new to free spins it may be tempting to dive straight in and wager all of your spins, however, be mindful that there is a term called wagering requirements. So, before claiming your free spins, check out the bonus’s wagering requirements to see how many times you’ll need to play your free spins before being allowed to withdraw all of your winnings. Another term you may come across is coin value; coin value determines how much the coin your playing is worth, so some 2018 free spins may be of a low coin value meaning that it will be harder to win big. However, as we’ve said, it’s a great introduction to the spin reels and you’ll likely find with a bit of practice you can start to win big with real money.

Free Spins or Free Slots

The next burning question about the online casino market in 2018 is whether you play free spins and free slots with a casino bonus or not. It’s entirely up to you whether you play with or without casino bonuses; if you like the flexibility of being able to sign up to your favourite online casino, place your bets, and cash in your wins without restrictions, that’s great. However, you may be missing out on some extra casino bonuses to make your 2018 online casino experience even better! Playing with a casino bonus means you have extra cash to play with. It may sound a little surprising, but some online casinos now offer free spins with no wagering requirements – how cool is that? With the freedom of no conditions to fulfill, you can continue playing using the bags of cash you’ve won with your casino bonus and free spins, or withdraw your winnings – that’s the great thing about online casinos in 2018. So even if you’re a little apprehensive about using a casino bonus, you can take advantage of the great deals that are on offer, and make your way into being a master live casino player. When you first step into the world of online casino in the UK it may be a little confusing faced with many offers and casino bonuses. What do you do with them, how do I use them, do they actually work? As we’ve discussed before, keeping an eye on the wagering requirements for casino bonuses is the first thing you should do; ensure that you know the real cost and value of your casino bonus. An example of a wagering requirement may help some newcomers get to grips with what it’s all about. If a wagering requirement for your casino bonus is 25x this means you need to wager your bonus 25 times at an online casino before you can cash out on your winnings. It may seem complicated at first, but once you understand how much you’re wagering and how much you can withdraw, you’ll be able to assess how to use your casino bonus most effectively.


Direction Of 2018 Online Casino Market

What To Expect In The Online Casino Space In 2018

When it comes to the 2018 projections in the casino world, the first thing to notice is how rapidly things are evolving. In 2018, although conceptually new casino games will remain under a similar transactional model, the deep ocean of the web and even more in 2018, will make the Online Casino realm an ever-changing platform. Creative ideas to attract gamblers will be increasing making their mark and some new ones may become industry norm including in marketing gaming areas such as; casino bonus, freespins, mobile casino, live casino, new casino. However, the issue with all these different options popping up to play and casino promotional features, is that it creates more options to choose from that the 2018 gambler typical and including millennials really need, hence more “stuff” to learn and calculate for the gambler that really, all that he or she needs in 2018 is actually fewer options of games to choose from, fewer promotions in areas like new casinos or casino bonus to be exposed to and definitely less variety of web game site 2018 designs or shifts in the user experience for online casino mobile games.

Casino Game Direction In 2018

In 2018 casino, the primary goal for online casino providers is simple; To tailor the games and the experience to the modern gambler of today’s internet era. Some new audiences including women users and younger millennials males which are earning enough attention from the past two years, that for 2018 casino online site developers may just start building sites specialized to women-only for examples. The women-only focused market is one the mostly predicted online casino trend to start in 2018. Another trend right behind the women market will be the adjustment on faster game responses and user interface tailored for the millennials who tend to have short attention span or less patience to put in the time to experience a new game. These are the product of the tech which will only enhance this behavioral phenomenon in the 2018 online casino gaming experience. Ironically, although the point is to better satisfy the gambler, and make things simpler, a bigger problem which has already emerged will continue to do so; that is having way too much going for the gambler. Online Casino games keep coming up with more options to tailor their customer, but all this does is creating more clutter, more options for the gambler to choose from, making them doubt their choice of play, and wanting to try different games, consequently reducing customer loyalty. So, as we get close to 2018, one must ask, if the 2018 direction for the new casino year is one stuck in tech developments, are there other elements that can help a gambler filter from all the noise and just focus on the good?

online casinos

Online Casino Clutter

Online Casino Overview

First, let’s back up and review the Online Casinos industry. To better help 2018 online gamblers, let’s look and answer the following questions to better understand its nature, its evolvement and how can we can help our readers and prospect online casinos gamblers make the right choice to find the best games for 2018 casino year.

Is Casino Tech Causing Clutter?

Let’s remember, the online casino industry has been one of the first industry that came alive during the internet birth. In addition it is worth mentioning that although this online casinos sector can experience some major changes when it comes to new gambling ruling regulations in which casino game providers must take a step back and adjust before carrying as normal, all in all, from the 2017 trends to the online casinos outlook in 2018, this is a vertical that has consistently has been growing and keeping up with the pace of technology in terms of progress and upgrades which as we know can dictate the future in many different industries and at times completely shutting entire process norms known as disrupting the old way of operation where providers within that sector are having to either adopt a totally new way of doing business or find something different to do. Hence, for 2018 although the data recorded from past two years leading up to 2018 shows the online casinos space as a solid one due to its versatility to keep up with the most influential tech industry of all. The issue for 2018 is focusing on the pace rate of changes this day and age requires the online gambling vertical to stay ahead in 2018 and future years. If we look at the trends from the 2017 data online casino report, we see the progress is also coming with a rapid increase in online casino game options to surpasses what the casino gambling player is happy to choose from.